At Industrie we are committed to creating opportunities for those in need. Which is why we have given over $6 million to these hard-working Australian charities and donations to many others. Click on the icons to find out more...




Thank you for finding out more about our Industrie Spirit Of Christmas Charity Campaign. Here’s what you need to know:

- One like on our specified post will put $5 into the donation fund.

- To be included likes are to be made within a 24 hour period of the initial posting time, on the specified post.

- Charities will be announced in January 2018.

- Donations will be made to Industrie’s chosen charities in 2018.

- Total sum of donations over our multiple posts in the December 2017 Industrie Spirit Of Christmas Charity Campaign will be capped at $100,000.

- Industrie will donate all proceeds to specified charities.

- Likes valid on the original post only - any likes made on any comments on the post are not valid.

- Limited to one like per user, per post.

- Valid on Instagram and Facebook only.

- Currency in Australian Dollars.